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Good uses of Netiquette

Netiquette is a great tool for anyone that uses the internet.  Netiquette is important to know when sending emails or when chatting in descussion groups.  There are ten core rules.  Two rules that I strongly believe in is rule one: Remember the human and rule seven: Help keep flame wars under control.  These rules are important ones due to the fact that people say nasty things to each other online.

Remember the human

Do unto others as you’d have others do unto you

The rule Remember the human states that people cannot see your facial expressions, see your gestures or hear your tone of voice. They can’t tell if you are being serious or just kidding around.  All you have is your words and they can be easily misinterpreted.  People take things the opposite way of what you really meant.  If you are wondering if what you said is appropriate, ask yourself would you say that to the persons face.  I have had a personal experience where I should have used the rule.  I was talking to a friend of mine and i said something he misinterpreted and got very angry with me.  I tried explaining to him what i said was sarcastic but he would not listen.  We are not friends anymore.  If I had known the rules of netiquette we might still be friends.

Keep flame wars under control

Flaming is when people express their strongly held opinions without holding back emotions.  Flame wars sometimes cannot be avoided and can be a lot of fun to read.  Heated discussions are part of our civilization.  Netiquette does forbid flame wars to drag on and ruin discussion boards.  They are entertaining in the start but get very boring.  They ruin groups for people that actually want to share their views.

If you are interested in reading about netiquette and seeing all the rules, they are located on Albion.


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Subject line: Photoshop like Pros

Deminb’s blog tutorials will teach you how to edit your pictures

easy to follow instructions and screen shots

There are many sites on the internet that give tutorials on Photoshop and Deminb’s blog is one of them.

Deminb’s blog gives in depth explanations on how to edit and manipulate photos with easy to follow instructions and screen shots.  The blog is updated weekly.

The contest

Deminb’s blog is having a contest for all the amateur Photoshop users.

Bojan Demin, the author of Deminb’s blog, wants you to send your edited or manipulated photos to him. He will pick the best 5 pictures and will give the winners a personal lesson.  In this lesson you will learn some more experienced techniques he learned while he was in school.  Including the lesson, the winners will also get Photoshop cs4 which is the newest edition of Photoshop. In addition to the lesson and Photoshop,  Bojan will introduce you to people that work in the industy so remember to bring your work.

Pleas not that this contest is for people living in the Lower Mainland area.

Good luck to everyone that enters and keep on having fun with Photoshop.

Its Deminb here again

Today I will teach you how to manipulate your pictures in photo shop.

First open a picture that you want to manipulate.  Make a copy of the layer.  Extract the person using the Extract Filter.  Then add different background layers.  Add  Channel Mixer and Black & White Adjustment layesr to enhance colors (use any adj. layers to suit your taste).  Reduce opacity of these layers, and Note !!  Channel Mixer adj. layer is set to Overlay Blending Mode.  Link these layers.

Then you select another head you want to put on top of the existing head.  Extract the head.  Mask away unwanted portions.

To create shadow under the person, duplicate body,  then go to FX and choose Drop Shadow, Turn Off Global Light, soften drop shadow, drag the shadow within the image itself to find best placement, press Enter to accept. Now  turn Fill to 0% (located at top of Layers Panel), add a Mask to this later and mask out shadow from upper body.

Use Liquify Filter to change the facial expression.  merge duplicate layer set to zero opacity to remove Mask

Here is my original pictureoriginal

Here is my manipulated picturelion_creature

hi its Deminb here again.  Today I’m going to teach you the basics of xHTML.  The basic format of an html site looks like this



Html consistes of opening tags and closing tags.  Opening tags are made up of two carrots(< >) and in the carrots you type in <body> or< head> or any other html tag.  Closing tags are made up of an opening carrot a slash and a closing carrot(</ >).  With the closing tag you finish the part of code you opened.  An example is </body>.  There needs to be symmetry, so if you start a code with <body> you need to end it with </body>.  Other tags include <p> which is a paragraph tag, <ul> which is an unordered list, <li> which makes a list, <br /> which breaks apart paragraphs and there are many more.  The break tag is a special tag because it closes itself hence the space between th br and slash.

Html is the building block of websites.  Every site is made up of html.

Here is an example of html codehtml

Visit the html wiki to learn more.

Hi its Deminb

In this blog post I wil teach you how to make a website on photoshop.
Firstly launch Photoshop. Then open a new page. The dimensions for the page should typically be 950 for width and 750 for height with 72 pixels per inch resolution. Pick a color you would like your background to be. When you have selected the color either with the paint bucket or by pressing option delete paint the background with that color. Make a new layer. Now take the rectangle select tool and draw a small rectangle and select a color you want the rectangle to be. Press option delete to paint it. This will be your navigation button. When you have painted the button, at the bottom of the layers panel click on the little fx and select bevel and emboss. A new window will open. In the window you can adjust how you want the bevel on the button to look. When you have gotten the button how you want it to look press ok. With the move tool(black arrow in the toolbar) selected, press option and drag the button. This copies the button. Do as many of these as you on your website. If you cannot get them to line up simply drag the copy over the original press shift while keeping the mouse button clicked drag and this should line them up.  Shift click all the buttons that you have made and drag them to the bottom of the layers panel to the folder.  This will put all the buttons into a folder for organization.  Next comes the text on the buttons.  Select the text tool and on the first button click where you want to type.  Type what you want to name it.  Once again press option and drag the text to the rest of the buttons.  When you have done that change the other pieces of text to what you want them to say.  Put all the text into a folder.  The navigation bar is complete.  The next part is to add the side bars.  On a new layer, grab the rectangle select tool and make a rectangle.  Pick a color you want for the side bar and press option delete to paint it.  Then using the option drag method make a copy of the side bar and put it on the other side.  Now that the side bars are complete you just need to add your text.  Part of the website is now complete.

hi there this is the second part of my photoshop istructions.  This one is about editing your photos.  Today I am going to teach you how to change the colors in your photo.

First thing is to open photoshop and pick a picture that you want to change.  When the picture is open press command j to copy the layer or you can just right click on the existing layer and then click on the duplicate layer option. Select your quick selection tool from the tools bar.  Start to click on the clothing while holding shift down.  This selects the clothing.  If you don’t select what you want to change or if you select more then you want just select the lasso tool.  With the lasso tool you ever press the shift key or the option tool depending on what you want to do.  The shift key adds to the seletion while the option key deselects a section.  Zoom into the picture to see better and then a dd or remove selections.  When you have selected what you want to change the color to, in the layers window click on the little square with the circle in it.  This is the masks button.  This will add a mask on the layer you change.  When the mask appears on your layer(you will know its on there when there is a black and white picture next to the little thumbnail in the layer window) open your masks window.  This should be in your panel on the right of your screen.  If it not, click on window on the top bar and just select the masks option.  In the masks window click on mask edge.  The default setting should make it look better.  If not, move the sliders to make the picture look better.  When this is done click on the little thumbnail thats beside the masks thumbnail.  Select the paintbrush.  With the brush selected, click on the brush modes and pick color or color dodge.  If what you have masked is white or a light color pick multiply or overlay.  Turn the opacity of the brush down, pick the color you want  and go over the picture.  This will change the color.  If you use color dodge, be aware that this kills the pixels of your picture so one swipe with is should be enough.  Repeat this with hair, eyes, lips, and whatever else you want to change the color to.  I hope this tutorial helped. Have fun.

First thing that needs to be done is to select a picture. Make sure it’s a picture you want to fix. When you load the picture on photoshop. When the picture loads click on image then adjustments then levels. When levels opens, press option and then slide the white slider until some colors starts to show. When that is finished do the same to the black. Then next step is to open curves. When curves is open change “show amount of:” to pigment/ink%. Then make points on the line and move them around until the picture looks brighter. The next step is to open color balance. In color balance you adjust the colors to make them look better. The next step is to sharpen the picture. Sharpen is located in filters. Open filters go to sharpen then click on unsharpen mask. Zoom in to 100%. Adjust the sliders to make the picture look sharper but don’t make it look fake. The final step to touch up a picture is to open shadows/highlights. Move the sliders to make the picture look vibrant. When doing the adjustments on all the steps, don’t over do it. You want to make the picture look natural not digitally enhanced.  For more help or toturials visit planetphotoshop

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